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The TCA is proud to announce the establishment of the Tennessee Chiropractic Education and Research Foundation (TCA Foundation)!  Why give to the TCA Foundation?  A gift to the TCA Foundation makes an immediate impact on the profession and the public, and sets the foundation to the change lives of individual chiropractors and their patients. Whether the gift benefits life-changing research or our future chiropractic health care providers' education, your gift of any amount leaves a legacy of hope and health.

NOTE: For tributes or memorial donations, please note the following in the Donor Comments section:

  • the name of the individual(s) for which the donation is being made
  • if you wish for your donation to be made anonymously or, if known, the name of a family member to whom the TCA Foundation can send a tribute card sharing your kind gift (dollar amount not included). 

Your tax receipt will be sent directly to you.

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