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Essentials of Dry Needling: Part 2

Total Credits: 25 including 25 DC CE

Dr. Alex Earl
TCA Offices - Nashville, Tennessee



Prerequisite: Successful completion of DNx Foundations 1 Course, or its equivalent (please contact the TCA with any questions regarding the prerequesite).

Friday:  4:30-8:30pm
Saturday:  8:00am-8:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am-5:00pm

This course is a three-day  course to enhance and expand upon the foundational principles offered in our first 25-hour course. While this course is still designed to place heavy emphasis on practical, hands-on training and practice, the attendee will be introduced to more detail of current research regarding DN efficacy, physiological effects, controversies and potential adverse effects.  Peripheral and central sensitization issues will be discussed. The participant will be familiarized not only with HOW to needle but also WHAT functional outcomes may be influenced by needling, which is WHY we needle.

Some of the specific areas that will be discussed during this course are:

- Dry needling techniques of the lower leg
- Dry needling techniques of the arm & forearm
- Dry needling techniques of the parascapular region
- Nerve entrapment and peripheral neurogenic needling techniques
- Clinical integration of dry needling into the functional rehabilitation model of care
- Overview of the most common dry needling techniques: "the good, the bad, and the ugly" truths about each approach


Dr. Alex Earl's Profile

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Alex Earl is a chiropractic physician and leading international instructor in Clinical Rehabilitation.  Dr. Earl is a co-founder of Midwest Rehabilitation Institute (MWRI) and an instructor in the highly acclaimed Dynamic Neuromuscular Dry Needling (DNX) certification program.  Dr. Earl has just completed his 4th season as the Team Chiropractic Physician for the Chicago Red Stars of the National Women's Soccer League.  He has 7+ years of experience working in both private practice and interdisciplinary settings - including high school and university athletic departments.

Dr. Earl and his wife, four children and two golden-doodles reside in Apison, TN.  He is the owner of a private practice in Carol Stream, IL and is enjoying life in TN as he manages his clinic from a distance and works on completing his first book, which is scheduled to be released in the Summer of 2023.


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