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Smart Cash Flow for Chiropractic Businesses - Non-CE

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Non-CE (Practice Management)
Dr. Holly Ann Tucker
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Smart Cash Flow for Chiropractors by Dr. Holly Tucker couples two of her signature trainings: Numbers You Need to Know in Chiropractic Business and Intro to Profit First for Chiropractors. Whether you have been operating your own practice for years, just opened your business or only dream of taking your associate position to the next level -- there are a few key indicators you need to be clear on to make empowered and informed decisions about your chiropractic career. The day-to-day cash flow decisions you make in your business can greatly impact the sustainability of your practice year over year -- which is why implementing a system like Profit First is so effective. 

Step into that CEO role with key lessons on... 

  • Safeguarding your cash
  • Getting out of the Survival Trap 
  • Key Indicators in Chiropractic Practice
  • Time Efficiency

and lastly...

  • Profitability with Abundance

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Dr. Holly Ann Tucker's Profile

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Active Family Wellness

Dr. Holly A. Tucker is a Chiropractic Physician, certified in Acupuncture, Certified Health Education Specialist, Founder & CEO of Active Family Wellness. 

Her love for healthcare business operations and numbers started nearly 20 years ago, running a billing department in a medical office while in college, to opening a practice with her spouse, serving in various leadership roles on the state, national and international levels, and most recently, serving as an business coach for women in chiropractic. 

She practiced in East Tennessee with her husband, Dr. Jude Miller for 7 years - and relocated to the Memphis area in 2018. The "family business" still exists today with Kid Chefs Tristan & Noah sharing healthy recipes and nutrition lessons & resources. Dr. Holly Tucker practices in the East Memphis/Germantown area and continues to be active in chiropractic leadership, serving as a mentor and coach for early career chiropractic.