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Successful ADHD Care

Total Credits: 1 including 1 DC CE

Dr. Michael K. Powell
Audio and Video


You will learn how to structure care for success with the ADHD patient.  The key is understanding what needs to change in the brain;  Dr. Powell will provide a very clear picture of what's going on.  Then, you will learn the main strategies that every successful case has in common.  Case video will clarify what you need to do to get these patients off medications and relief from the frustration of a distracted life.

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Dr. Mike Powell is a nationally recognized Chiropractic Neurologist (there are only about 350 in the world). He sees a diverse patient population. Many of his patients are sent from other doctors and travel from out of the area for neurological care. His patients range from children with developmental and learning problems to adults who suffer from migraines, vertigo, tremors or the effects of brain injury. Dr Powell is a Bredesen Protocol Trained Doctor and is on a quest to help us all build healthy resilient brains.