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Dr. Dave Cruz



Dr. David Cruz practiced as a chiropractor with Marin Orthopedics and Sports Medicine for 18 years treating spine related and post-surgical conditions. He is adjunct faculty for Cleveland University- Kansas City and also served on the California State Board as an Expert Witness consulting on Standard of Care cases. He was the team chiropractor for Dominican University and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

In 2005 the combination of his background in sports medicine and interest in technology made him passionate about bringing these two worlds closer together. This resulted in the foundation of his company WebExercises which develops innovative exercise rehabilitation and education software for healthcare providers.

Dr. Cruz understands the demands of the practicing chiropractor and the challenges of staying up to date with the latest research which is why his lectures focus on evidence based care. His lecture discusses the latest techniques for common musculoskeletal conditions seen in the office and is designed for both the novice and experienced clinician. Current concepts of exercise progression are explored and demonstrated with a hands on learn-by-doing approach. Course attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how to integrate exercise rehabilitation in their office to begin maximizing outcomes and patient care.